deterioration of synovial fluid quality
resulting in degeneration of cartilage.
Significantly reduced viscoelasticity 
and reduction of volume of synovial fluid.

Visco- Supplementation

ViscoPlus® helps to restore the normal balance within the process of re-production of autogenous hyaluronic acid in the affected joint.
The net result is a decrease in joint pain and an improvement in joint function which may last for several months, up to one year. 
Optimized molecular weight* of ViscoPlus® of ~ 2.5 Mill. Dalton

  • long-lasting efficacy due to protracted resorption
  • better lubricative effect
  • optimized shock absorbing effect
  • choice of lower number of treatments

Recommended ViscoPlus® therapy is of 3 injections, one injection weekly. 
The therapy may be repeated in regular intervals.
ViscoPlus® is certified for application in all synovial joints including knee, hip, shoulder, TMJ, etc.

Every pre-filled (ready to use) syringe of ViscoPlus® contains at least 20 mg / 2 ml of highly purified hyaluronic 
acid made by fermentation. ViscoPlus® is medical device CE certified according to MDD 93/42 EEC. 
Further documentation like Free Sales Certificate, GMP, etc. is available on demand. Store at temperature between +2°C and +25°C.

First symptoms of arthrosis


  • 30-ies - first symptoms of arthrosis
  • 60-ies > 70% at least mild arthrosis
  • The most affected are the weight-bearing joints like knee and hip.
  • Treatment of TMJ and spinal facet joints (lumbar + cervical) have become very common recently.

Visco-supplementation of the knee joint has become a pure routine over the years. Its efficacy has been more than proven in millions of cases thanks to improved lubrication of cartilage and shock-absorbing effect. ViscoPlus® is a visco-supplement with optimized viscosity adopted to autologous synovial fluid.



Monitored injections into the hip joint cavity increase the success rate and may substantially delay the joint replacement. 
Visco-Supplementation with high quality optimized hyaluronic acid ViscoPlus® may substantially improve mobility and reduce the pain.

Facet joints

The facet joints are lined with cartilage and surrounded by lubricating capsule that enables the vertebrae to band and twist, damage occurs due to every day wear and tear, injury, degeneration of an intervertebral disc due to lifestyle, reduced mobility, age. The cartilage gradually wears away, joints become swollen and stiff.The volume and quality of synovial fluid deteriorates due to decrease of proportion of hyaluronic acid. Visco-Supplementation with high viscosity optimized hyaluronic acid ViscoPlus® may substantially improve mobility and reduce the pain.